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Embracing the New Normal - Covid-19

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Intentional self-care all of 2020 and beyond as we learn to do different in this season of Social Distancing.

Like most, when this whole "social distancing" hit, I honestly didn't take it serious and thought it was flu symptoms and that's all! People were being dramatic and over-acting with it, were my thoughts. I must say that about 3 weeks in and my mind was totally changed when I started hearing more about the lives that were lost due to this corona virus and the new government name of Covid-19, it had gotten serious.

Fast forward to today, I will say that between the start of this pandemic to now, I had to spend time with God to see how to handle all of this. I did not want to get entangled in the web of social media, news and everyone's perspective of what's to come. I knew by listening to coworkers and news that I was literally begging for anxiety, stress, loneliness, worry and so many others and I couldn't do that to myself. I was not going to place my hope and faith in all of those things of this world and forsake what I knew God to be, which is bigger than this world.

What I heard God saying to me was to focus on this from the lens of the spiritual perspective and gather all of the positive newness in this season and not the negative because the takeaway is what's going to carry me into my next season. So, I decided to set aside time to work on me this too shall pass and it's important that I come out better than how I was at the start of corona.

So, I've decided to share my six positive takeaways while in this Corona season.

  1. I'm working from home (I've requested this for the past year)

  2. No commuting gives me much more time for my morning mediation.

  3. I can exercise during my lunch now (I have time to clean up after & still get back on time)

  4. I love seeing families on my street spending time together (there were a few but now its so many more)

  5. The main road that I walk on is now full of bodies exercising by walking &/or running.

  6. Last but not least, I am more at peace now than when I was working at the building. I had fun putting my work space in order and making it a comfortable work space. I must admit though, that it took me two weeks to pull it all together and feel good and organized.

Once I got everything pulled together for work, I wanted to balance out this WFH blessing by committing to daily meditation and praise time with God when I wake up. Then making sure I don't get lazy with bad snacks or over snacking and that is so easy during the week because I'm busy with work and working out but the weekends are so hard for me. I know that I'll get it together as we move forward but enough about me, I want to know how you're doing during this pandemic? I would love to hear from you, to share if you are wfh too and what things are you doing to get through this? I know some of you have children that are home-school while you work so how are you handling all of this? Also, what can I be in prayer with you about or even advise you on.

Gracefully yours

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