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To Rise Above

A Personal Reflection

Remaining confident in yourself, in the internet world.

I hope you find encouragement in this post and that you can rise above the nay-sayers. I hope to remind you to find and open that child-like resilience to get back up and rise to the occasion of who God called you to be.

Everyone have shortcomings

No one person is perfect, only Jesus can hold stake to that claim! Most times others can't see your shortcoming but you and then other times, others can see it and try to use it to tear us down. Surprisingly, when others are making fun of or bullying someone about their shortcoming, it's most definitely because they're trying to cover up their own insecurities. everyone has a feature or shortcoming that others can easily tear apart. Surprisingly, those who poke fun at others are generally trying to cover up their own insecurities by bullying someone else.

Maybe you think you're too short, too fat, too thin, or too tall. To compensate for your insecurities, you likely seek approval from others. But you are the only person who can really make you feel good about yourself, with Gods help and guidance. All the complements in the world are of no use to a person who doesn't believe them! All things starts with God!

Note to Self...

Make today the day that you stop chasing approval from others. Ask God what does he say about you, who he created in his image. You are the boss of your life. And only you can determine whether you fail or succeed. God gives us "Free Will" we can believe his Word or not but choose wisely to better for you. Unfortunately, too many people allow their insecurities to dictate their worth. Don't be one of these people; you can be the exception!

Self-Reflection Questions:

• What are your unique assets?

• What are your insecurities and what can you do to overcome them?

• How do you respond to those who intentionally put you down?

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