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At this present time, I am not affiliated with any corporate entity but I keep this page included on my site for future preparations to this new thing that God is doing in my life but not only for me but through me for others and this is my declaration that I do perceive it. Isaiah 43

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On our jobs, when we notice others are growing, moving forward and we are not, who do we place the blame on? How are we entertaining those thoughts and with whom are we interacting with while entertaining the thoughts?


These questions can be annoying while in a blame mentality but these questions are necessary for us in order to control what direction we are moving in. How are we responding to change on our jobs and what negative or positive talk are we providing to ourselves, coworkers and management when the challenges arise? Hmmm, great questions. How do your answers look. 

These questions are important because it helps us to see where we are in our behaviour, thinking and conversations. We must learn how to not sabotage our growth but to turn those challenges into creativity and grow from that creative mindset into leadership.

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